Magic Flight Launch Box

What is Magic Flight Launch Box?

The Magic Flight Launch Box is handmade portable vaporizer made in US. First release of the Launch Box
were in the 2010 by the company called Magic Flight Inc. Magic Flight Box is very tiny and very portable
and comfortable for anyone as it is very durable. Launch Box is made of 6 wooden parts and have no buttons.
Launch Box runs on AA batteries, all you have to do is to plug in the battery and the Launch Box is ready for blazing.


To who i recommend Magic Flight Launch Box?

I recommend Launch Box for everyone, specialy for active people. Its easy to bring Launch Box with you to the hiking,
camping or wherever you want thanks to the Launch Box portability.

Magic Flight Launch Box

Launch Box Design.

Magic Flight Launch Box is made mostly of wood, thats what makes it unique near other vaporizers. Its very light and
you didnt even feel it in your pocket. Launch Box is usualy made of maple but there is 2 other variants also – cherry and
walnut wood. Launch Box needs one AA rechargeable battery to run.(Starter kit includes 2 pieces of AA batteries)
I think Magic Flight Launch Box is a very well worth the insvestment as it dosent feel cheap between my hands and
everyone can see that the Launch Box is made with heart, great built up quality is seen everywhere on that Vaporizer.


Magic Flight Launch Box


How To Use Magic Flight Vaporizer?

Launch Box has its own technique how to use it. It may feel akward at the first but after few times you will get used
to it and you probably dont wanna see any other vaporizer or cigarettes anymore.


Launch Box works in its best way if you grind herbs up perfectly, that helps to get out the best preformance of
Magic Flight Launch Box. If you want to see most perfect preformance by Launch box you should filter out anything out
from herbs you dont wanna breath in.(stems and things like that)

Magic Flight Launch Box

Lovely is that the Magic Flight Launch Box works fine with very low amounts of herbs. It works perfecly with 0.1 Gram
of herbs.(5-8 draws with that amount of herbs) Also, there is no waste of herbs while using Vaporizer, You get everything
from them while using Launch Box.

Open the Launch Box tray, load it up with herbs and close the cover and everything is done and your Magic Launch Box is ready
to use.

I like to use Magic Flight Launch Box by taking a bunch of pulls in a row or by one longer pull. I like the first way more
but some of my friends like to use Launch Box in a different ways. It depends of a person how does he/she likes to use
Magic Flight Launch Box, everyone has his/her own way.